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Best Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Many homes in the south have a swimming pool for relaxing and exercising, however maintenance of the swimming pool can be expensive as it has to be cleaned periodically, to remove the debris and dirt. Hence many families are preferring to purchase their own pool cleaner, which allows them to easily clean the swimming pool whenever they wish, without contacting the expensive pool cleaning companies.

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There are a large number of pool cleaners available using different technologies for cleaning like hose type cleaners, robotic cleaners. There is also a significant difference in the ease of use, power consumption, mode of operation and pricing of these robotic cleaners. To find the best above ground pool cleaner, the various cleaners are compared in terms of ease of operation, type and material of the swimming pool.

Top Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Zodiac Ranger Suction Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner Review

The Zodiac Ranger Suction Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is designed for cleaning above ground swimming pools of depth up to 72 inches, including those with dished out bottoms. The automatic pool cleaner has only one moving part, allowing it to clean the pool quietly and quickly, without any flapper or hammer noise.

The cleaner has an innovative deflector wheel, which ensures that it does not get trapped in corners, ladders and steps. For ease of installation, the cleaner is delivered to customers pre-assembled, and is supplied with 32 feet of hose. No tools are required for installation which can be completed in a few minutes. To effectively clean the entire pool, the Zodiac ranger has an AG Disk which slides along and cleans the sides, stairs and the bottom of the pool.

The water flow in the unit is regulated by the trademarked flowkeeper valve and self-regulating compact flow control valve for quick cleaning. The entire Zodiac ranger cleaner is simple to operate, efficient and does not require much maintenance.

Best Suction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Pentair K50600 Above Ground Pool Cleaner Review

The Pentair K50600 Above Ground Pool Cleaner is designed for vacuuming and cleaning above ground swimming pools with a high quality hydraulic design incorporating the tested Kreepy Krauly suction technology. As the flapper is the only moving part in the pool cleaner when it is operational, the wear and tear is reduced, resulting in a longer life for the pool cleaner.

The unit is designed to work with pools with bottoms of different designs like round, oval, dished out, flat bottom. The skimming valve in the vacuum cleaner regulates the water flow through the hose for adjusting the cleaning speed, and also this ensures that all the debris and dirt on the surface of the pool is removed efficiently.

The cleaner uses random pattern cleaning technology to cover the pool surface quickly and ensure that the entire surface is cleaned. The pool cleaner is supplied with a 32 feet hose, which can be connected to the skimmer line and is powered by the pump and filter of the swimming pool.

Best Deal on Pool Cleaners

Aqua First Nemo Pool Cleaner Review

The Aqua First Nemo Pool Cleaner can be used to clean almost any kind of pool, including deep pools and pools of irregular shape. It can be used in swimming pools made with different materials like concrete, fiberglass and vinyl.

The Nemo cleaner has only one moving part for greater durability. It can be easily installed in a short period of time, plugging the hose into the skimmer. The pool cleaner uses the same random pattern vacuum cleaning technology as the other high end pool cleaners to clean the pool surface, quickly and effectively.

The cleaner is connected to the filtration system of the swimming pool pump and is used to remove debris, dirt, leaves from the pool, when the pump is operated. The hose supplied is 40 feet in length and a one year warranty is offered on the pool cleaner.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner to Buy

Pool Rover Pool Cleaner Review

The Pool Rover Pool Cleaner is a high tech robotic cleaner for pools, designed to clean pools of all sizes and shapes including above ground pools using a patented hydro robotic technology. The cleaner can clean the cove, floor and some of the side walls of pools of depth up to 40 feet. The filter media in the pool rover can be accessed from the top and removes debris, contaminants and other dirt of size more than two microns.

The machine washable filter bags are easy to remove and reinstall after removing the debris. The pool rover has an Aquabot pump with a powerful suction and filtration capacity of 80 to 85 gallons of water per minute. The swivel type EZ cable for the pool cleaner is 40 feet long. The sleek pool rover can easily maneuvered to move through the pool easily to prevent the cable from dangling the axle pin of the cable is adjustable. This is the ideal cleaning method for those who wish to keep their swimming pool clean without adding harmful chemicals.

Best Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot APRVJR Robot Pool Cleaner Review

The Aquabot APRVJR Robot Pool Cleaner is a fully automatic pool cleaner using the latest in robotic cleaning technology. The pool clear is designed to clean pools of all shapes and sizes including flat round, rectangular and oval in less than one hour, without using any kind of hoses.

The robotic cleaner has a 40 feet long floating cable for controlling the unit, and a filter bag which can remove dirt particles as small as two micron in size for a clean pool. The 24 volt pump in the cleaner is operated using a button. The pump connected to a transformer and is used for vacuum suctioning of the pool. The wheels of the robotic cleaner are wide so that it can easily roll over any surface.

The cable includes a patented E-Z swivel device, to ensure that the cable does not get entangled when the cleaner is in use. When not in use for more than two hours, the entire system will automatically shut down to save power. A one year warranty is offered for the electric motor. The unit is designed for 110 V 60 Hz frequency power supply and the pool cleaner has a power consumption of 180 W when in use.

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So the best above ground pool cleaner for a particular family, home or residential complex depends to a large extent on the type of swimming pool they have at home, and frequency of using the swimming pool.

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